Embedded fonts will be removed if you save – what to do?

Published by on December 6, 2017

Saving a PowerPoint presentation on your Mac, you encounter a pop-up window warning you of the following:

Embedded fonts will be removed if you save this presentation file. Are you sure you want to continue?

The options that you are given are to Cancel, or to Remove Embedded Fonts and Save.

Embedded fonts will be removed if you save this file warning winow

What is the meaning of this?

The presentation file that you are editing contains actual font files embedded into it. The fonts were embedded by the presentation designer, to maintain consistent text appearance, and this was done either on a Windows version of PowerPoint, or on a Mac using Presentation Font Embedder, set to the Editable method.

Now, unlike its Windows counterpart, PowerPoint for Mac does not support this font embedding method and therefore cannot save presentations with embedded fonts, even if the fonts were already embedded.

So PowerPoint is basically letting you know that the font files that were embedded into the presentation file that you opened will not be saved along with it.

I want to modify the file and keep the fonts – what to do?

If you are not the creator of the presentation file and you don’t have the original fonts used, there is not much that you could do, apart from making your changes on a Windows version of PowerPoint.

However, if you created the presentation on your Mac and used Presentation Font Embedder to embed the fonts into it, you could save your modifications to the file by clicking Remove Embedded Fonts and Save, and then simply run the file again through Presentation Font Embedder, which will re-embed the fonts.

I was just trying Presentation Font Embedder – is this normal?

Yes. This message shows that Presentation Font Embedder successfully embedded your fonts into the presentation file. You are seeing this message because you are trying to modify the presentation on PowerPoint for Mac, which does not support editable embedded fonts.

You can safely click Remove Embedded Fonts and Save to save your modifications, and then run the file again through Presentation Font Embedder to add them back.

Presentation Font Embedder for Mac screenshot

Apart for the Editable embedding method, Presentation Font Embedder for Mac features another embedding method called Universal. This method renders text into images instead of inserting font files into presentations. By doing so, you can ensure that embedded fonts are displayed on platforms that do not support the Editable embedding method, like Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

Learn more by visiting our Presentation Font Embedder page.