Presentation Video Trimmer

The only PowerPoint® video trimming solution for Mac® users.

Got a 10-minute long video but want to show only the interesting part on your slideshow? Presentation Video Trimmer gives you the freedom to deliver concise presentations by allowing you to quickly trim your embedded videos to only play their relevant parts.

Presentation Video Trimmer Window at launch. "Select a presentation file or drag one here to trim its videos"

Users of PowerPoint 2011 and 2016 on Mac - simply drag a presentation file into the app to get a list of embedded videos arranged by slides. Clicking on a video brings up a trimmer-player that lets you both trim and immediately play a preview of the result exactly as it will appear in your presentation.

After saving, your trimming will be available in PowerPoint 2011 and above for Mac, PowerPoint 2010 and above for Windows, PowerPoint for iOS and PowerPoint for Android.


  • Presentation Video Trimmer requires macOS / OS X 10.9 and above.
  • Trimming preserves the editability of videos and does not reduce presentation file sizes.
  • Password-free Microsoft Office 2007 and above presentations only.