Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we frequently get from our users regarding our Presentation Video Trimmer app.

Why should I trim my videos?

Oftentimes you only want to show part of a video file of which you are not the creator. You can insert the video in its entirety, but when it comes up during your presentation you must scrub to the right spot in the file that you want to play, while your audience is looking.

If the video is long it may take you some time until you hit the right spot. If the video contains other frames unrelated to the subject that you are speaking about, your audience may see them. All of this takes away your audience’s attention, reduces the quality of your presentation, and detracts from your professional image. If you send your presentation file around, scrubbing is not even an option.

When you trim your videos, you avoid all of that. Your audience sees exactly what you intended them to see, and without any fiddling.

What if I changed my mind after I already trimmed my video?

Presentation video uses non-destructive trimming, which means that when it performs a trim on a video, the frames that you trim are kept in your presentation file, even-though they are not played during your slideshow. This allows you to go back later and change the position of the starting and ending frames even to frames that you left out before. For more information see Making Changes.

Do I need to have PowerPoint installed to trim the videos?

Presentation Video Trimmer does not require PowerPoint to be installed on your Mac in order to play videos or trim them.

What video formats can be trimmed?

Any video that can be natively played inside PowerPoint on your Mac is supported. WMV videos do not natively play and therefore are not supported. For more information see Limitations.

Which devices support trimmed playback?

Currently, Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2011 and above for Mac, 2010 and above for PC, for iPhone®, and for iPad® support the trimming information that Presentation Video Trimmer inserts into your presentation file when you trim.

In PowerPoint 2016, Microsoft has removed support for some legacy media formats which were supported in PowerPoint 2011 and below. While PowerPoint 2016 is therefore warning you that the presentation that you are opening contains one or more videos in such media formats, it allows you to convert them to formats that it supports so that you could continue your work.

This has nothing to do with Presentation Video Trimmer, which supports trimming for all media formats that PowerPoint on your Mac does, and does not make any modifications to the formats of the videos files inside your PPTX file.