Embedding Method

Presentation Font Embedder for Windows embeds fonts in a method different, and superior, to the font embedding method that PowerPoint® uses.

This method converts text shapes into rendered images and inserts them into the presentation, while trying to maintain animations previously set on those shapes.

The built-in embedding method of PowerPoint on Windows® does not support macOS® or iOS® devices, and does not work with all fonts.

Presentation Font Embedder’s method guarantees that anyone who opens your embedded presentation file sees its texts in the same fonts as you do.

Embedding method specifications

Displays: On any platform
Supported font types: Any
Embedding restrictions: Free of restrictions
Text remains editable: No
Text-level animations: No
Shape-level animations: Yes, except for animations that do not affect image (e.g. color change)
Software requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, or 365

On Presentation Font Embedder for Mac, this method is called Universal.