You can find the Presentation Font Embedder for Windows preferences in the menu. When you hover with your mouse cursor on the ‘Preferences’ item, the preferences sub menu appears. These are the available preferences:


This preference allows you to choose the resolution level that you want Presentation Font Embedder to use for generating the embedded text. A higher resolution level results in sharper, crisper text, especially on high resolution displays. At the same time, higher resolution leads to larger file sizes. We recommend that you experiment with the three options to see which one gives you the best results for your setup.

These levels are available:

  • Low – basic resolution level that meets the needs of standard resolution displays (1440×900 and below).
  • Normal – general resolution level that strikes the best balance between display quality and file size. This is the default level.
  • High – professional resolution level aimed at displaying presentations on 4K and 5K displays (4096×2304 to 5120×2880)

Note that resolution is not described in set pixel density (PPI) but in general display sizes. This is because PowerPoint defines presentation sizes in real-world paper sizes instead of pixel sizes, and stretches all sizes to the size of your current display.

The meaning of this is that if a presentation whose paper size is smaller than the physical size of a 27 inch display for example, was to be embedded at 220 PPI (which is a great pixel density for Retina displays), it would have had ended up displaying at a much lower resolution in slide-show mode, because those same 220 pixels per inch would have been considerably stretched up to fill the full size of the screen.

When you select a resolution level from the options above, Presentation Font Embedder calculates a PPI value that guarantees that your presentation looks its best on your selected level, regardless of its paper-size.

Check for Updates Automatically

This preference allows you to tell Presentation Font Embedder whether or not it should periodically check for updates with us.