Embedding Fonts

Embedding fonts

You can use Presentation Font Embedder in order to embed fonts into a presentation that you have finished working on.

After saving the presentation, launch Presentation Font Embedder to embed the fonts into the saved file.

First, select the your desired embedding method based on your target audience (more on that below).

Then, you can select a file for embedding using the file selection dialog that comes up by clicking the Select and Embed button or by selecting File > Select and Embed from the menu bar. Alternatively, you can also simply drag the presentation file into the Presentation Font Embedder window to initiate the embedding process.

The original presentation file will not be automatically overwritten. After the embedding process, the app will ask you where would you like to save the newly generated file, and will suggest a new file name in the same folder of the original file. If you accept, the new file will have a name similar to that of the original with the addition of the words ‘fonts embedded’. In cases where a file already exists with the suggested name, a number will also be added to the file name in incremental order. You can alternatively type a name of your own in the file save dialog.

If the name that you choose belongs to a file that already exists, that file will not be overwritten, but instead moved to the system trash folder.

Two available embedding methods: Universal and Editable

The Mac® versions of Microsoft PowerPoint® lack the support for embedding fonts and for displaying embedded fonts, that the Windows counterparts offer. Presentation Font Embedder offers two unique embedding methods – that is even one more method over what the Windows® PowerPoint offers.