Success and Failure

The font embedding process with the Editable embedding method can succeed completely, succeed partially, or fail, depending on the presentation file you chose and on the fonts it uses.


When the embedding process succeeds, a green circle with a check mark will appear on the presentation thumbnail. This means that all fonts have been embedded and that a new presentation file containing the embedded fonts has been created. Clicking the linked filename will open a new Finder window and select the new file.

Partial Success

Sometimes, only some of the fonts in your presentation would be suitable for embedding (more on this in Limitations). When this happens, a new presentation file, containing the fonts that Presentation Font Embedder succeeded to embed, will still be created similarly to cases of success.
In addition, and to let you know what happened, a yellow circle with an exclamation mark will appear on the presentation thumbnail, and a results panel will open on the window. The panel will provide you with information on the fonts that could not be embedded and the reasons for that.


In cases where none of the fonts could be embedded (e.g. none of them have embedding permissions, none are of supported formats, or maybe the file itself is invalid), a red circle with an X mark will appear on the presentation thumbnail.
The main title of the window will provide you with information for the failure, and if the problem is related to the fonts that are used in the presentation, an information panel will open similarly to cases of partial success.