Editable Embedding Method

The Editable embedding method is similar to the embedding method that comes built in to the Windows PowerPoint. This method includes the actual font files inside of the presentation file. This preserves all animations and the ability to edit the texts later (on non-restricted fonts). Unfortunately, the display of fonts embedded this way is only supported on the Windows, Android, and Office 365 Mac versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Editable embedding method specifications

Displays: On Windows and Android, and on macOS with Office 365 (Microsoft PowerPoint viewers only)
Supported font types: TrueType and OpenType-TrueType
Embedding restrictions: Some commercial fonts embeddability is restricted by font creators
Text remains editable: Yes
Text-level animations: Yes
Shape-level animations: Yes
Software requirements: Free of requirements
File size: Increases by the size of the embedded font families. The size of typical presentation with two unique font families should increase at no more than a few megabytes.

If the presentation you selected for embedding already has fonts embedded within it, those fonts will be re-embedded. In cases where they cannot be re-embedded due to any issue, the original copies that are already embedded in the presentation will be kept.

When you’re not sure – we recommend using the Universal method.